Lore and Story Background

Lore and Story Background

At last frontier fight, evolve and keepgoing

Beyond Space Project shows the world of the human being 4,000 years in the future. A world where it has already colonized an endless number of systems. It has managed to deceive death for hundreds of years in a natural way and at the same time transcend infinitely by acquiring cybernetic,bio-modified or robotic bodies.

Also there are multiple contacts with alien civilizations of all kinds and character, the age of the human race and of course many older ones, around which some aspects of the main plot will revolve.

A continuous expansion and contraction of the human advance through the universe that has led to the evolution of an endless number of isolated and particular worlds, governed with an iron hand, coalitions, devastated worlds, worlds led by corporations, extreme worlds, artificial worlds and of course an endless number of space stations scattered throughout the known galaxy.

Background of the story

“It has been 4000 years since the `Em, first contacted humans, helping and urging them to con quer interstellar space. Since the beginning of the 21st century, humans have expanded, not only because of their solar system but also because of the stars close to it, creating endless colonizing ships, as if they were a great exodus towards the stars.”

“Once 2000 years passed, the first wars appeared, crises, unfortunate encounters with other civilizations, uprisings of oppressed worlds, fragmentation of governmental groups, disappearance of corporations and the appearance of a great threat, artificial intelligence hives or machines.”

“This caused endless changes to take place in the galaxy, and humans retreated in its expansion, to later create a community between different civilizations and a civil and corporate administration that brought the entire known universe back to progress during the which became known as the second era of expansion, which lasted about 2000 years.”

“Nowadays, an endless number of conflicts are developing, the oppressors are at ease in all systems, organized crime and smuggling multiplies, resources are increasingly scarce due to the lack of supply ships, while that corporations take control of entire systems by hiring fleets with the best technologies, decadence comes with force to all known systems, weakened government organizations face days of crisis and hives of artificial intelligence rise again as a common threat, this time with the `disappeared `Em in the depth of space.”

Background to the main story, The Beyond

Year 6420, The human being came long ago to the stars, The UN as representative of all humans began to do with the control of all systems that were colonizing, the technology was unstoppable, until they had contact with two civilizations of the same longevity as the human race, for them it was the second contact after the peaceful and purifying experience of contact with the `Em, but this contact was not peaceful, the three races waged different wars, while the whole human unit it was fragmented,the systems were isolated and the worlds went to different hands and types of government.

Meanwhile a part of humans, called nomads, did not stop traveling through the galaxy without stopping to build stations and other settlements so that settlers, corporations and scientists could establish themselves. It is here when the moment of the Corporations began, mostly against the war between civilizations.

Soon after, more enemies began to appear, this time not too far from the solar system and in the form of machines and manufactured intelligences, it is here that `Em and humans discovered that there was something else in the Sirius system, which had awakened something that was Long time asleep. The massacres followed one another until the humans and `Em left the Sirius and Alpha Centauri system. The `Em began a great exodus and they would never see each other again, and the humans forgot the place, they built Yao therm, as a large monitoring station for the machines, they did not want this threat to spread to other places in the galaxy.

After these war disasters and colonizing failures came a new era of expansion and prosperity and corporations took control of many systems, the UN went into the background and Yao thern and other stations and similar posts did not stop growing due to trade. Peace and trade agreements were signed with all the races contacted, which already amounted to three, together with their subworlds, without counting the `Em and of course with the machines, which were renamed artificial intelligence hives.

After this a new catastrophe hit the Earth, Yosemite exploded and after years of destruction, evacuations and exoduses, the land was almost deserted, ruled by warlords and watched from the Moon by neutral organizations. The government agencies moved throughout the Solar System and from there the coalition of human systems and the corresponding treaty of galactic authority was established, a system to which a number of governments would be added and which would have representation in Yao Therm, where a coalition of systems including aliens was also implemented, leaving out authoritarian, independent, hard-to-access governments, other criminal coalitions, rebels, etc.

Synopsis The Beyond - Season 1

Year 6420. A strange ship `Em, from an ancient alien civilization, appears in space intercepted by ships of ABIC corp. In this moment is when a series of events will lead our protagonists to find themselves in the Sirius star system where they will discover a series of enigmas from the past, while trying to uncover what happened to the last vestige of the `Em civilization.

All context word Beyond, far away of the beginnings

Carlos Lorite

Project creator

The context described above shows a part of the Beyond Space Project, the first part, as it came about as an idea and a television series, but as tests were done, as people saw it, they found it, as they saw that the technical people wanted to participate, that was the moment when they knew they had created a monster.

And I say a monster because it has to be fed, because we needed large companies behind supporting the project.At this point the graphic novel, photos and music came into play, as well as the teasers that we were developing.

And while we worked and did so that those companies paid attention to us, the project became even bigger, revealing a whole timeline between “the first contact` Em ”collected in the context until the year 6420 where The Beyond is produced, even further.

At this time, it was thought to create a timeline that would go with the project, a timeline that will show the entire dimension of the project and how everything became a great transmedia project, that is, how each form of expression could bring us a part of history, thus being able to speculate the future! and of course bringing the phrase that we use as a tagline.At last frontier, fight, evolve, and keep going

All of this is collected in this section in the form of charts, maps, wiki, etc. where the project will grow, in one way or another, until it no longer fits in a stored box and simply has to go out into the open.


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