Audiovisual Section

The Section

By Carlos Lorite

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This section brings us the main line of action within the Beyond Space Project, covering various categories within the audiovisual world. Series, Films, Shortfilms, Short Videos and Video Promo.

The premises of each video format change, as they are distributed throughout the entire Beyond Space Project timeline.

Next steps

The next steps in this section are to continue making as many videos as possible, except for the subject of the series and the films, in which case the line is to search for producers or sales to be able to produce it correctly.


Video Promo Cyborg Factory


Shooting of ReBorn Short Films


The Beyond Shooting


Of course, each of the pieces fits with a part of the story timeline, making it possible to jump from the middle to the middle of “Transmedia” when seeing the story in a linear way, that is, one part of the story would be in Video, another as a graphic novel, and so on.

At last frontier, fight, evolve and keepgoing


The timeline of The Beyond series spans 4000 years in the future, while the rest of the promos and short films extend along the entire timeline, showing various points of interest essential to understand or enrich the story that converges. in the series.


Ana Bokesa
Ibai Sanchez on Sisterhood teaser
The Cyborg Maker Teaser
Sisterhood, feared army of wandering souls
Connected room inside The Beyond
Video Promos Beyond Space Project
Paz De Manuel on Beyond Space Project