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By Carlos Lorite

Context Music

En esta sección ponemos la fotografía, y el retoque fotográfico al servicio del proyecto para traer conceptos de todo tipo, sobre todo de personajes a través de Beyond The Soul, así como algunas colecciones de paisajes espaciales, que podríamos encontrar en el universo conocido.

Next steps

The next steps are simple to finish the 2 season of Beyond The Soul and make the second season of space landscapes much improved with the new technologies learned.


We trying to finish the second season


We launch Space Landscapes project


DEvelopment of the las sesions of the section


The expression of photography and photographic retouching can give us an idea, in addition to content, of how the characters that we find over time in Beyond Space Project can be, something very interesting when demonstrating and attracting fans and of course producers and other representatives who wish to invest.

Tag Line: At Last Frontier Fight, Fvolve and Keep Going


The timeline of this expression is very extensive and can show characters of all times, since it is rarely linked to a story, so it can, as we have said, the expression can jump from one place to another very gratifyingly to show any interesting concept within photography.


Ana Bokesa
Ibai Sanchez on Sisterhood teaser
The Cyborg Maker Teaser
Sisterhood, feared army of wandering souls
Connected room inside The Beyond
Video Promos Beyond Space Project
Paz De Manuel on Beyond Space Project