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By Carlos Lorite

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In this section we apply literary expression in various forms, both in purely spoken written form and in graphic expression. Of course there will also be short stories that we will publish properly so called, and that a priori would be easier to publish and to carry out than the other two expressions.

Next steps

The next steps are supposed to be clear, since the graphic novel is in the process of being sold, while the short stories are in their early stages.


In the way to sell Beyond A Thousands Worlds


Short stories project presentation


short stories project development


This form of expression is essential in each of the great projects, which is why Beyond Space Project is focused more than from an adaptation of literature to the screen, as a mutual complement to enrich the story.

Tag Line: Ata last frontier fight, evolve and keep going


For this reason the timeline of this literary expression extends along the timeline. The graphic novel, for example, enriches the audiovisual series quite a bit, but it also delves into other parts of the timeline about interesting characters, as will short stories.


Ana Bokesa
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Sisterhood, feared army of wandering souls
Connected room inside The Beyond
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