Concept section

The Section

By Carlos Lorite

Context Concept

This section shows us and explains each concept that is created around all the Beyond Space Project works, from those that are developed to achieve stories, such as spaceships, costumes, spaces, etc., to those that are used as props for video pieces, such as weapons, graphic design, vehicles, etc.

Next steps

The next steps in this section are subject to the progress of each of the sections that make up this great science fiction project


We show diferent 3D concpet around pitch elevator


Extend some concept into the world Beyond Section


We expand concepts around Beyond the soul


The expression of this section can be found in various media and in various ways, for example we can find 3d designs, illustrated concepts that initially do not have to be developed and we can also find prototypes and props used physically for different pieces.

The concepts bring us closer to the future and show us the progress of each part of the project


The timeline of this section is subject to the sections, there is no concept that is part of the individual timeline by definition.


Ana Bokesa
Ibai Sanchez on Sisterhood teaser
The Cyborg Maker Teaser
Sisterhood, feared army of wandering souls
Connected room inside The Beyond
Video Promos Beyond Space Project
Paz De Manuel on Beyond Space Project