About Beyond Space Project

The Beyond is an interplanetary action adventure. A whole experience for science fiction fans.

The story goes through several seasons. We can watch characters, enemies, space stations, different planets, wars, decadent and unexpected places.

In the series, we will learn about technologies, civilizations, concepts, countercultures and an explanation on how the human being has colonized the universe.

Imagine companies such as Rio Tinto Company Limited and Google around Space mining. ASUS, Toshiba, Sansung, Intel, about technology. SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Tesla about ships, and many other companies conquer the stars, to continue supplying the growing world of human being. A world where you can speculate the future.

And we also go further, and present a complex project. A graphic novel, called Beyond A thousand worlds. A specific music section, called Beyond lost sound. A lot of photography content, called Beyond The Soul. And more

Are you ready for the experience. Beyond Space Project

And remember

At last frontier, fight, evolve and keepgoing

our history

This is the chronology of the history of Beyond Space Project, which began with an illusion and grew to become today a project with a lot of potential and with various parts to work on, in order to sell or produce. This project today presents an immense world to fill with content


This year a small ship was created, in the form of a model to do some camera tests..


In this year the first series ideas began to emerge after writing short films and seeing the potential of the project.


The first website was created and the entire development process for the series began, emerging along the way other forms of expression, graphic novels, music, concepts, etc.


This year we already have a transmedia bible and we were already working on the sale of the series and the graphic novel, having finished some concepts, teasers and Beyond The Soul.


Carlos Lorite

creator and developer

I am a tireless filmmaker on the road to developing his own stories, a cinephile and a great music lover. I love discovering new places and giving my special touch to all the images I capture, saving the essence of the place in my collections and sharing how to do it on my blog.

Developing the entire project is hard, because it grows more and more, but it is really exciting to be able to create a project with these characteristics. Today we are thinking of going to the next level and being able to produce it to create the series and the graphic novel.

Leticia Gomez

Sales MAnager

Leticia, CEO of Savvy literary, generally represents authors for literary sales to various publishers in the United States. Based in Texas generally apolice on non-fiction books, although in some cases it has gone out of its way and has sold fiction, as well as some audiovisual production.

Leticia is in charge of the sale of the projects of "The Beyond" and "Beyond A thousand Worlds", series and graphic novel of the project. The idea is to be able to find producers to be able to adequately develop this.

Progress of productions

This section shows the progress of the productions up to the time of publication. At the moment we are working on the expansion of the entire project in order to create a great world in which to fill with content.

The Beyond

Beyond A Thousand Worlds

Beyond Lost Sound

Beyond The Soul