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Space Science fiction
We are Creating a great science fiction world. We guide you through diferentes art discipline to you can enjoy of all project. Tv Show, graphic novels, photos, music, etc. Join us to our adventures.


What is Beyond Space?
Creative Director

Beyond Space is a speculative science fiction project, created by Carlos Lorite, which goal to be presented mainly in a television series format. It would also extend to other disciplines such as graphic novels, photography, music etc. all this disciplnes and actions pretend to extend the world in which history develops, a world in which human beings have been able to colonize the stars.

Story context
Art Director

Beyond Space shows us the world of human beings 4000 years in the future. A world where it has already colonized endless systems. Where humans have managed to make fun of death for hundreds of years naturally and in turn to transcend infinitely by acquiring cybernetic, bio-modified or robotic bodies.

In this world there have been multiple contacts with alien civilizations of all kinds and character, of the age of the human race and of course many older ones, around which some aspects of the argument will revolve.

A continuous expansion and contraction of human progress through the universe that has led to the evolution of an endless number of isolated, private, governed worlds, coal-minded, coalitions, devastated worlds, worlds run by corporations, extreme worlds, artificial worlds and also an endless space stations across the galaxy.

Aspects and realization
Photographer director

One of the most relevant aspects of seeing this introduction is the question of how this world of science fiction would be on the screen, with a clear intention of completely unraveling from fantastic science fiction to enter the exciting world of speculation and logical evolution of all the themes and concepts that we raise in Beyond Space.

As for the references used, it should be noted that we have made a compendium of ideas and have been inspired in some way in almost all of them, at some point in time to go one point further and to be able to give our own vision. We can not ignore that fantasy science fiction as the Star Wars saga, presents a series of very interesting concepts when it comes to raising the worlds of this story, and in turn the series The expanse (created from the novel by SA Corey ), or the most recent Altered carbon (from the novel of the same name) are examples of vital importance when based on logical futures according to current advances in science, as well as those that could come based on this path of the same .

Beyond Space Web
Web developer

The website shows us the different production lines of the project, from the news and images on the main line and its development, to the thematic photographs created by the author SoulReaper, through the graphic novels and the music that derive from it.

On the website you can find all the official news of the project and you can get all the products as well as pre-referee tickets for premieres, discounts on merch, possibility of giving feedbacks, and many more surprises.

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