The Beyond

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The Beyond

Connected Room

Conceptual photos around Characters and props from Beyond Space Project
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The Beyond

The Cyborg Maker

about The Beyond

Space Science fiction
We are developing a few amazing audiovisual scenes and teasers to realise how would be THe image from Beyond Space Project.

TV show, Main line of Beyond Sapce

The television series is the main line of action that is intended on Beyond Space, without taking away from its Transmedia structure. In this line we will create several seasons exploring the Beyond Space universe.

It is currently in the development phase, in order to create various teaser, in order to find producers and televisions interested in this story.

Very soon we will be seeing the main teaser and we can enjoy the creation of its different lines of creation.

Year 6420. A strange ship `Em, from an ancient alien civilization, appears in space intercepted by ships of ABIC corp. It is at that moment when a series of events will lead our protagonists to find themselves in the Sirius star system where they will discover a series of enigmas of the past, while trying to uncover what happened to the last vestige of the `Em civilization.


Carlos Lorite
Creative Director

Project creator and director of the creative world of Beyond Space.

Jose A. Olivare

Coordinador de producción de los teasers de Beyond, Así como productor ejecutivo de los mismos.

Rafa Horrillo
Art Producer

Development of the entire artistic department that we can see in the different samples

Vero López

Head of costume of the project, both in the audiovisual part and in the photographic part.

Pau Gutierrez
Camera equipment

Creative producer and member of the camera team, operating the same.

Pedro E. Juzgado

Content coordinator for social networks and web content.

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